Thursday, 28 January 2010

Captive Conception.

He picks up a bone,
Brings it to the bars.
And the ape looks up,
Longing to the stars.
The steel rings out one,
A division bell.
And the bars now change,
To the gates of hell.

But he has his suit,
And he has his tie.
And a guarantee,
He'll naturally die.
No more struggling,
Even less is strife.
And now he can wank,
Or can fuck his wife.

Captive conception,
The cage now demands.
And all else is sin,
With such time at hand.
So he drops his bone,
Knocks up missus ape.
And nine months pass,
She's behind white drapes.

Then wailing screaming,
A desperate act.
And a tiny shape,
Emerges intact.
"You put me back in!",
The baby ape cries.
And adds,
"I do not, want to be alive!"

Saturday, 23 January 2010

One-Eyed Monster.


Hidden. The beast sleeps,
Beneath the covers,
Lips pressed to cheeks.

Frozen. Like stone idols,
Stifling their faces,


Broken. His escape,
Is shaped by 'lovers',
Trade fact for fake.

Woken. A desperate sap,
Dragged to his doom,
Led by his lap.

Friday, 8 January 2010

Free Range Prisoners.

Every persons a patient.
Choke, choke, choke, till the croak.
Cadaver clean-up aisle Four:
Cosmetics, meds, no cures.
This is your life,
Ending one cell a time.

How free range is a sheep?
A hypodermic syringe,
An alcohol-free binge.
"Trapped" ain't the right word,
But it's first to mind.

These pretty prison palaces,
Furnished like old folks homes,
With zombies talking in tongues,
Everyday a re-run.
Living my life,
On the Broca Divide.

Surrender sin salvation.
Give your mind, receive sanity.
Open eyes never awake,
Wash cold sweat from your face.
Another morning,
Again, It's baptism time...

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

As The Chicken To The Egg.

Self absorbed in self hate.
Vanity taught by life's little games.
Self obsessed by my flaws.
Distracting me from all of yours.
Self controlled. Self detonate.
Living a habit I wanna break.
Self destruct a third party plan.
Finishing off what they began.

No time for love.
No room for you.
I dont trust me.
So why trust you.

Self avoid, and self project.
Demonised to Deamonette.
Self deceived, too confused.
All my views belong to you.
Self realise then self restraint.
Love was just adolescent hate.
Self prescribed, standard shame.
In the end, No one won the game.