Friday, 31 December 2010


This tried detested medication,
So close to discontention.
I'm rubbish to ape some refuse human.
This, simply what nature selects;
How tragic are these deaths?
Considered gifts to evolution.
Recycled like every revolution.
Choose pills, choose chat. No choice: not to choose.
All the symptoms smell the same.
Decomposure- In company, in pain,
As I deserve to be,
Beginning to end.


This tried and tested intervention;
the close of this contention.
I refuse to ape some rubbish human.
Simply what nature selects,
How tragic are these breaths?
Considered gifts of evolution,
Recycled like every revolution.
Silence - Solitude - Sterility,
Choose pills, choose life, no choice not to choose,
All the symptoms smell the same,
The composure, in company, in pain.
As I deserve to be,
Beginning to end.