Thursday, 28 January 2010

Captive Conception.

He picks up a bone,
Brings it to the bars.
And the ape looks up,
Longing to the stars.
The steel rings out one,
A division bell.
And the bars now change,
To the gates of hell.

But he has his suit,
And he has his tie.
And a guarantee,
He'll naturally die.
No more struggling,
Even less is strife.
And now he can wank,
Or can fuck his wife.

Captive conception,
The cage now demands.
And all else is sin,
With such time at hand.
So he drops his bone,
Knocks up missus ape.
And nine months pass,
She's behind white drapes.

Then wailing screaming,
A desperate act.
And a tiny shape,
Emerges intact.
"You put me back in!",
The baby ape cries.
And adds,
"I do not, want to be alive!"


Alice said...

Last part amazing! Just like the rest of it :)

alchemy16 said...

I believe you.