Thursday, 17 December 2009

The Devil Doesn't Exist If He Can't See Himself.

"I wonder who you think you are. You must damn well think you're god or summat. God gives life. God taketh it away. Not you. I think you are the Devil hiself"

Forget not forgive.
Death and let live.
Turn the other eye.
Don't photograph their cheeks.

Your Yorkshire Ripper,
Yorkshire Terrier.
Just a misbehaving dog.
An attention seeking hog.

It's just Immoral Panic.
Just Illogical thought.
Five Immortal words,
'Save the judgement for court.'

Bloodlust breeds blood.
Bodycounts add up.
Hindley's Huntley's mum.
Shipman Sutcliffe's son.

So see no evil.
So hear no evil.
So speak no evil.
Then another fucked up soul.
Won't kill to live forever.

"Not punish less, rise the pain
Sterilise rapists, all I preach is extinction
Give them the respect they deserve"


Alice said...

"Don't photograph their cheeks."
just wow <3

Snoopthesnoop said...

Awww. Thanks! :) <3

Sarah Valentine said...

This is amazing but I was reading it whilst having the thumping intro to Archives of Pain in my head.
One of my fav songs ever.
Best intro by far...


Snoopthesnoop said...

Oh Sarah, you know exactly where all my tricks come from. Not sure if thats good or bad. You could reveal the fraud that I am! :P

The intro is amazing! Which makes me feel really guilty, how excitingly incredible I find the sound bite, and it comes out of something as evil as Peter Sutcliffe.