Monday, 28 December 2009

Be Beautiful.

We're Born,
Or've already died.
At age nine, we learn,
To turn screams to sighs.

We miss,
We even exist.
At ten and six, Desire,
Too cheap to resist.

We fall,
Forget we're alive.
At ten plus nine, we're dead,
Just passing the time.

We kiss,
Arts cold blue lips.
At twenty-one, we mourn,
The dreaming now gone.

We slip,
Into a shallow grave.
At an early age, we merge,
With the world we should've changed.

1 comment:

FlightySongbird said...

Brilliant and so different. Not many people look at life as a bunch of austere moments... It's usually life is a journey, etc. I love the way it's written in short sentences and single words. It's so fitting with the theme.
I don't care if you think my opinion stinks. Suck it. :P