Monday, 30 November 2009

Welcome to Bermuda, Love.

Tell your king.
The dirty rascal is in his castle.
And you let me in,
you let me win.

Tell your king.
His sticks and stones may break my bones,
but my words will always hurt him.

This is the way you wish his voice sounds.

From a lionheart.

Tell your King.
Any bird can sing.
Only I can roar,
and leave you gasping for more.

Tell your King.
He's mouthing along to words I wrote.
Such sweet impersonations.
Playing. Not feeling.

Tell your King.
This lions going to take his pride,
and rip him limb from limb,
have you by my side.

Tell your King.
The dirty rascal is in his castle...

... And you let me in.

... But then you cut me out...


glow, oh glow. said...

Hello darling you know who this is. =] i liked this a lot. i'm sending it to scott and he will love it too. ♥ OH BRAVO .

Snoopthesnoop said...

Haha thankyou hun... I think I can guess KateWIN. Who's Scott!? I love him too, if he does :) x