Sunday, 3 April 2011

Apropos of Nothing.

Apropos of nothing, the heroes get their parade
Whilst the dead are met by the grave.
Ticked off and forgot,
With flecks of tape,
The final fatalities fall to the parting shots,
Marked by the failure to finish, and a failure to escape,
With anything but dignity.

Yet the victors malinger a sense of pride
and a philious rebirth-
From nothing it was magnified,
And precisely nothing is what it's worth.
Without grace,
Without awareness,
Arrogance infests success's resting place.
The moment of greatness has already flickered,
By the moment their face has even snickered.
When the marathon has been run
And the lap of honour has begun:
Every step is disconnected,
Every breath is disconnected,
and no achievement should be respected.
It's all recorded in this broken tape.

Those cheers of the billion,
They drown the sorrows of the million
That are left to the shade
Of a foreign pavilion
With their rusted crusade
And a single consolation: That there still might be time.

And indeed there will be time.
There will be time. There will be time.
But will there be my time?
Haste to haste with attending lords,
After the cups and the gatorade,
After the trophies, the crossed swords,
After every story is dressed as pre-ordained,
Will it be worth the suffering?
When the firework's flicker was pre-ordained?
And despite the fight, will it be worth the struggling
When my ashes are pre-ordained?

There's no choice but to button up the hatches,
And hide the flesh,
In funeral dress,
And march towards a certain demise,
As this triumphant moment and this triumphant memory is certain to die.
We'll endeavour to be better
For no reason whatsoever,
Since exertion is all that's left to give
And all this blood just wants to live
And find a distant cousin's covering it's owner's hands.

My angle may be obtuse
Or may be acute,
But the shape I trace is still an oval.
The shape I trace is still an ellipse...
And the conditions of my boundary will always be fixed...
The champions' triumph is always over.
And the conditions of my boundary were always fixed...

Always falling short.


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