Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Uno Tracto Intención.

Kidney clutching fetid fetus,
Pitied in disdain, takes the piss.
Please Take the Piss.
Internal ache. I gathered corone corvus.
Livid and libidinous - Chokes - Resist.
Please don't resist.
Sex infects as a latrine nauseates, suffocates.
Insitigates a usual tension. Another glandular crush.
Please don't crush.
The spreading sores, eager to please, irritates.
Writhe the time away in faint ignorance. Don't Worry. Just flush.
Please just flush.

But you never wanted anybody sadder than yourself and pleased everyone but you so you could fulfill your own egotistical urge to be held in esteem rather than be held at all and the organs burn as they play a tune of their own accord whilst slumped with no backbone you purposelessly press all the wrong keys and hit the wrong button and yourself up the bracket and up the arse-end of empathy and generosity is giving yourself away because you don't want to give yourself away but you must be seen to give yourself away and that's generosity that's yours insincerely,

Your bladder,
Your spleen,
Your back (stabbed),
Your kidney (stoned),
Your cock,
Your disappointment.

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