Sunday, 22 August 2010


Let the army approach-
I’ll stand alone.
They clutch their bastard swords,
Bound to their Baron’s throne,
But I have my axe and wulfen clothes,
And I have my cause.

Blinded by delusion –
Keeps me alive.
Alone I face the hordes,
And swing my axe and scythe,
To stall for reform before the fight,
With no dream of reward.

Fuelled by feudal angst –
Compassioned hate.
Beyond the sick-house wards,
Bring the blood, clean their slate,
The only cure: To eviscerate,
These slaves to ‘evil lords.

My fate lies here, I know-
On this bridge, slain.
Holding a lonely ford,
I’m mortally insane,
The solo soldier armed with disdain,
And hope of hope restored.

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