Saturday, 12 December 2009

Wrote For Luck.

This morning, he woke up to see her face. In that moment of regained consciousness, he chastised himself for daring to close his eyes for even a second and missing any possible glimpse of her, his Nala. His girlfriend. But as his eyes fell upon her waking gaze, he knew she was ok. A stiff smile overcame his Lion jaws... He pressed his lion smile, his lion lips, against her lion cheek then gruffly whispered "I love you Nala" below his lion breath.

Even the coldest of killers can do cute... With the right mate...
Even the strongest of lions can be brought to his knees... by the right lioness...
And this one was his weakness.

The night previous they'd watched a film. With paws wrapped firm around their sides on his side, he thought it would explain him better to her. But in his lionheart, he knew she already knew. She already knew him. It felt like love. Speaking in sighs, talking through their eyes.

If lions had a wavelength... theirs would be the same.
Their wavelength.

Paw in paw, later that morn. The couple strode to the college campus to watch the Ducks. Roary dreaming of a bowl, filled with roses: Red tipped white roses ot be exact. Flowers. He'd love to give her flowers. Flowers and flesh. With all the majesty and power he felt in his muscles, he still had the urge to give flowers to the lioness he loved.

She was his princess. One day he could be king.

The pair returned to their pride and there they barely uttered a word all day. They didnt need to, they knew all that was needed to know. That he loved her, and she loved him, and that they could be together forever. Roary, was afraid of chasing her love away though, he would speak when spoken to in the hope that she'd never stop speaking to him. It's what she required of him, he'd try his best to stay strong, and speak in sighs. Because he knew that's what she needed.

However, he knew he couldnt stay strong for long.
Even though thats what she needs.
Because this lioness brings him to his knees.
The second his lioness caves, he will too.
The second her lion caves, she might do too.
And two lions will cave together.

He would blurt out everything that was crossing his mind, the second she so much as twitched like she were opening her mouth.

"Im so glad you chose me to be yours. Im the luckiest lion alive. Now I remember what its like to be happy, and it's all because of you. Nala. Im happy because of you. And I promise I'll make you happy too."


This is old. Written to cheer me up a few weeks ago... here... And to cheer me up, well that's why I read it now.


AlpHa Buttonpusher said...

That is cute:)

Snoopthesnoop said...

Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

I come back every now and again to see if this post is still up. It makes my heart hurt to read. I hope you're doing well. Forever I will remain sorry..