Sunday, 6 December 2009

Too Many Sounds.

Too many sounds,
Too little to hear.
Happiness a 3 part disharmony.
My road will be the low,
stepping slowly in soft tones.

Too many sounds,
Too thoughtful to hear.
The World is static buzzing about me.
My spectrum will be known,
a life lived in baritone.

Too many sounds,
Too fickle to hear.
Raging against human homogony.
My intention is to clone,
reap myself from what I've sown.

Too many sounds,
Too brittle to hear.
Competing as the crucial contrary.
My heart and soul laid out prone,
unlike any you've ever known.

So many sounds,
too fickle to hear.
Can I get a little quiet please?


glow, oh glow. said...

looooove love love it.

Snoopthesnoop said...

it loves you too. :) x

Alice said...

Amazing, loved the last line!
You're great :)

Snoopthesnoop said...

Thanks Alice! You're great too, I should go back and read all of your work and comment. There's just so much! :o

Alice said...

Haha thank you, well you could just focus on my latest stuff... unless you feel like reading Swedish gibberish :)

Snoopthesnoop said...

Haha I always feel like reading Swedish Gibberish. If its yours :)