Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Out of nothing.

Out of nothing... Out of nowhere... He appeared.

With no ether hidden in the expanses of space for him to exist previously, surely he couldn't be real. He couldn't have just dropped out out of thin air into being. Maybe it was imagination: A flight of fancy, shed its feathers and wings to reveal a single quivering comfortingly vulnerable young man, crouched prone and unclothed on the floor of the girls dorm room. Or maybe it was belief, or longing, something real. Something can't be created out of nothing. Maybe, like photons that take flight to give a home to light, her longing for a prince to come wrest away her loneliness, in a moment, left her. It left, launched by her heart into the air, and once it plummeted to meet the ground, the figure was all that there was to be found. It doesn't matter anyway. He was there, he was now, and as real as the perfectly chiselled Renaissance statue he resembled.

The girl was startled from her slumber, as if she had sensed the sudden change in composition of the shadows surrounding her as she slept. With a dreamy eye, she cast her gaze over him as he stooped there, one knee bent against the cheap carpet, for a while. It felt like a lifetime before he even seemed to breathe. Then all at once he took a deep breath and turned his head towards her, the dark brown eyes as deep as black holes connecting with her delicate features.

If it was anybody else, she would scream, but there was something about the piercing look that vacuumed up every last shard of her heart and soul... and her voice... and for once, she felt whole. She could do nothing but look back.

In a swift motion, the mysterious man rose to his full height and strongly, yet gracefully strode towards the girl in her bed. There was no terror or fear of him, the unknown knight, in the girls mind as she found him suddenly standing above her. He extended his smooth, tender palm towards her and it was almost on instinct that she placed her hand in his. Equally, when he guided her to take to her feet beside the bed, she complied. It was as if, this completely illogical occurrence was meant to be. To struggle against him, was to struggle against herself, her destiny, everything she ever desired.

Now standing face to face, with right hand resting in left hand, the pair looked into each others eyes. There was a certain symmetry between them, but at the same time, a contrast that led only to harmony. His brown eyes stared into her bright green eyes, his broad shoulders obscured her slender feminine frame and his strong cheekbones were nothing like her soft adorable full, blushing cheeks.

Eventually, with his free hand, the mysterious man reached his arm around her back, pulling her closer into his embrace. Without a sound, she wrapped her arms around him, tracing out the contours of his muscular back with her finger tips.

Time stood still and raced past all at once. Days could fly by as equal as micro seconds as all that mattered was the moment. This moment. With one last dreamy look into each others eyes, they simultaneously closed them, tilting their heads at opposite angles.

With pursed lips, their faces approached one another's. As that first contact grew ever nearer time ground ever closer to a halt.

Finally, ecstatically, after what felt like an eternity, their lips touched. A kiss. A brilliant flash of light erupted, that seemed to emanate from the couple themselves. The beam left the window bleeding into the surrounding world. Illuminating it. Yet obscuring the stars themselves with their glow.

The blast lasted all too short-a-time. A second that felt like a forever, yet too many forevers too few. That meeting of mouths, always too breif. As the light faded and the girls room was returned to the half light, she, and the man, were no more.


glow, oh glow. said...

♥ i looooove it. you are such a talented writer :)
♥ and nice haha

Anonymous said...

wow. YOU my friend have talent.

Snoopthesnoop said...

Thankyou Katelyn and anonymous (if that is your real name... Which I doubt! :P) Youre both too kind :)

Anonymous said...

i'll have you know it is my real name! my parents were feeling un-original when i was born.

Sarah Valentine said...

Teach me physics.
We need to swap.

Snoopthesnoop said...

Keep reading. Maybe you'll learn something.
Or maybe you'll just end up really depressed and kill yourself?!
Don't :(
Teach me to be a Journalist? Personal tuition when we're back up north? :)